Herstory Thursdays: Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack


Today's Herstory Thursdays post is all about Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack, author of the book Women in Tech and an advocate for diversity in technology. 

Tarah is currently a Cybersecurity Fellow at New America and was previously a Senior Design Engineer and Cybersecurity Czar at Symantec.  Previously, she worked for Microsoft as a part of the Halo team and in 2004, Tarah was named as a National Science Foundation fellow and in 2017, she received a Cybersecurity Award from NYU. 

Tarah Wheeler is a personal hero of mine, and I admire her diversity work especially. She is the founder of both Infosec Unlocked and Hack The People, two initiatives designed to create diversity in computers and technology. In 2016, Tarah was the lead author of Women in Tech: Take Your Career to the Next Level with Practical Advice and Inspiring Stories with Esther Dyson and Angie Chang. 

Tarah's work is pretty awesome and her resume is even cooler. If you have time, I suggest checking out her twitter,  follow her on facebook and check out her personal website. She posts a lot of cool stuff on both social media and her website - check her out!