Holidays on a Budget - DIY Gifts


This year I'm on a pretty tight budget for all of my friends, and I realized that some of you might also be so I decided to put together a list of all of the DIY/ super cheap gifts that I managed to find through Pinterest and Instagram that you can complete in your dorm room or with limited supplies home for the holidays. I didn't complete all of these, but I did consider them all and found them to be pretty easy on a budget and while in my apartment. Most of these should also be achievable in a dorm room too!

  1. Marbled Mugs: This gift really only requires a few things - a mug, some nail polish, warm water, a container, and some acrylic sealer. You can find full instructions here. Be sure to vent properly because the fumes can be pretty smelly!
  2. Book Safe: This book requires a couple of fun things - decoupage glue and wax paper - in addition to the hardcover book and box cutter, so prep before hand so that you have everything you need! Check out the full instructions here.
  3. Bath Bombs: This is great for your friends, but it does require more ingredients than you may have easy access to or on hand. Check out the full tutorial.
  4. Paint swatch calendar: this one is really fun and only requires paint swatches (you can get them for free from home depot), a picture frame, and dry erasable markers.
  5. Rope Basket: This one is a fun gift for people who need storage and is relatively easy
  6. Makeup Art: If you have a friend who loves makeup, this gift is a great idea and is really simple to complete.
  7. Hot Chocolate Christmas Ornaments: I make these for people who love chocolate and they are super easy to make and give out.
  8. Charcoal Face Soap: This is a fun DIY I'm gonna make for myself too, check out the rest of the website for beginner soap tutorials
  9. Brown Sugar Lip Scrub: From the same website as the charcoal face soap, this DIY is super easy and provides a way to order all the ingredients.
  10. DIY Pillows: This is a list of 17 DIY pillows and some require sewing while others require only gluing. These are great if you have a lot of extra fabric laying around or t-shirts you don't wear and can turn into pillows.
  11. Chunky Blankets: If you love knitting, this tutorial is really simple and super easy to do - all you need is yarn and needles!